Calling all Tamers, Trainers and Breeders!

I'm starting a social club for folks who play monster training games to get together and battle and trade in person, just like the old days!

You can look forward to things such as:

  • Bringing your Game Boy Pokemon games to play Pokemon Stadium together on a real N64 console!
  • Connecting your Digimon virtual pets to ones owned by other people!
  • Meeting other people who play Monster Rancher!

Of course, we won't be limited to just these 3 series or just retro games, it's just what inspired me to start this club. I hope to find lots of new friends who like these games as much as i do!

Other goals:

  • Organize various tournaments for each game, in competitive, casual, and cheat-friendly variants
  • Open new branches/associate clubs in other cities, states, even countries
  • Obtain/recreate the machines and data used in Pokemon event distributions such as the Blockbuster Sticker Stations and NYPC

I know that last one sounds like a lot, but with enough people out there interested in programming and data preservation we could possibly run our own event distributions! Wouldnt that be something?